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Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Insurance helps you protect your assets and maintain your financial security should you need long-term care later in life. While no one likes to think about the escalating costs of nursing homes and other elder care expenses, planning now can provide you—and your family—peace of mind now and in the future.

Recent studies indicate that 40 percent of Americans over age 65 will need nursing home care at some point during their lives. With Americans living longer every year, this figure is likely to increase. The national average cost of a year in a nursing home is estimated at over $45,000. Nursing home care is not covered by regular health insurance, and Medicare covers only minimal nursing home expenses. Use our online quotes, or call us for more information.

Q: Isn't long-term care just another name for disability insurance?

It does seem that way, but no, though there are similarities. In fact, 40% of American couples will have one or both of them spend time in a nursing, or extended home care home. Medical care is the largest cause of asset erosion in retired homeowners.

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