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In this day and age, Social Security is not the answer to a comfortable retirement. The cost of living will only rise, not fall; be prepared for your "golden years." 

In order to remain in your current lifestyle when you reach retirement age, you must plan to accumulate enough money to produce a yearly income of 60-70 percent of your current earnings. What is YOUR number? We will help you to determine that.

Downs Insurance offers several plans to supplement Social Security. Customized to fit your budget and lifestyle, these investments in your future are critical to enjoying life after employment.

Tired of the dismal returns on your retirement plan? Quit tossing your hard earned dollars at the traditional 401K money pit. Interested in the ULTIMATE retirement strategy?  Call us to learn more.


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If you'd like to schedule an appointment with our financial advisor, give us a call at: 703-834-3120.

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