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Umbrella Insurance

Business umbrella liability insurance is designed to protect you against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgment. It provides expanded coverage and increases the amount of your liability protection beyond the basic coverage provided under your business and auto insurance policies.

Unlike other types of liability coverage, business umbrella liability insurance can be purchased as a separate policy. However, you must have underlying basic liability coverage before you can purchase an umbrella liability policy.

If you are found to be legally responsible for injuring someone or damaging someone's property, the umbrella policy will either pay the part of the claim in excess of the limits of your basic liability coverage, or pay for certain losses not covered by your basic liability insurance.

Q: I don't want to lose my business. What do I do if I'm sued for more than I am insured for?

We hope that never happens to you, but if it should, an "umbrella" policy will pick up where your other forms of liability insurance leaves off.

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