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Workerís Compensation

Employers have a legal responsibility to their employees to make the workplace safe. However, accidents happen even when every reasonable safety measure has been taken to protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents, and to provide medical care and compensation for lost income to employees hurt in workplace. In every state, businesses are required to buy workers compensation insurance.

Workers compensation insurance covers workers injured on the job, whether they're hurt on the workplace premises or elsewhere, or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses. Workers compensation insurance must be bought as a separate policy.

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For Workers Compensation Claims, please call our office: 703-834-3120.

If you have a claim that is an emergency and you cannot wait to consult our office during regular business hours, please call the appropriate claim department:

Erie Insurance Group: 800-322-3743
Travelers Insurance: 800-252-4633
Progressive Insurance: 800-274-4499

workers comp

Q: I'm a sole businessman, with no employees. Am I still required to carry worker's comp?

That depends on the state where you live and work. Most independent professionals carry health insurance and have their company pay for it, therefore, worker's comp, unless required by state law, would be a redundant expense.

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